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Reports for use in Resources

Reports for use in Resources

So my request came up due to an issue encountered while upgrading to SAM 6.2.3 and the table we were using was removed. This broke a custom SQL script made in "Report Writer"

Background, we use Reports to list Alerts in resources on the Summary page for our NOC. We select the specific alerts we want it to report on and list them in that one box on the main Summary page.

Now with 6.2.3 we found the Web Report creator and used that. Great we got the report made, and it grabbed the right Alerts, thought THAT WAS EASY. Well you go to Resources on the Summary page and go to find that Report to select it. Problem, Web Reports aren't listed or an option to be selected. So we manually had to wait on our SQL team to recreate a SQL report for us and get the information we wanted from different tables than before.

So the request... Can we allow for "Web Reports" to be an option to be selected as a Report to be used in Resources on the Summary Page? I really an worried that with some new upgrade in the future, another table will be altered or removed, and we will have broken Reports again.