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Properly detect changes to hardware after adding a node

Properly detect changes to hardware after adding a node

Orion does not properly detect changes in the number or configuration of storage volumes. If we increase the size of a volume that is near full capacity, the increase in volume size is not discovered and we continue to get alerts even though the volume has sufficient space. There also seem to be issues in detecting changes to network interfaces. The current solution is to delete the node and recreate it, which drops all the historical data for performance.

Level 15

There's something wrong with that, I increase disk size all the time and orion detects it.  If I click the rediscover button it happens right away.

Level 7

We have worked with support and we have a trainer onsite from Corona this week and both have told us that Solarwinds Orion can't rediscover all the volumes or changes to volumes. We have tried using rediscover and it does not work. The only method that has worked so far is to drop and re-add the node.

Late to the party but this was bugging me as well - the workaround I was told is to delete all the volumes from the list resources module - then go into the manage nodes section, click the + next the node and delete any phantom volumes there. From there go back to the node details, list resources, and add all the volumes back - that seems to correct any issues for me.

Level 7

We need it

Hmm.. I hate workaround where you lose historical data.  It defeats the purpose of keeping it for trending and capacity planning purposes.

I had also the same problem.

The value of the size of the memory on a server has changed but NPM display the old value..

I have to delete this node and re-add this.

We need it !!

Level 13

Unfortunately still a problem today even with the latest

Up-voted. This has been a problem for many for some time. Whilst swapping a node to WMI polling may cure many of the problems, in may cases this isn't possible (polling via a NATted IP address, for example).

Generally speaking, if the node vendor is Windows, Solarwinds needs to be clever enough to know that the first character of a volume data (C in the default system volume, for example) has to be unique, and if there's more than one listed in the associated volumes for a node, then the newest one needs to be polled and polled results APPENDED TO THE EXISTING GRAPHS! MSP's use SolarWinds, and their customers don't like having blank periods on graphs in their monthly reports

Level 10

I use WMI and I have to check the resources on a regular basis.   I have clustered servers that fail back and forth between hosts and whenever that happens the drives/mounts/volumes go unknown on that host and become ghost drives.

Level 13

I've suggested few times already that it would be fine if node details dashboard visualize obsolete disk with different icon than current and monitored.