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Process or Service monitor wildcards

Process or Service monitor wildcards

I can't believe this isn't already an idea, but here we go:

Please support the use of patterns (simple wildcards or - be still my heart - regular expressions) in service and process names. I've got a few obnoxious services that actually REGISTER THEMSELVES USING THE SERVER NAME.

ie: on server1, it's dxservice_server1_blahblah

and on server2, it's dxservice_server2_blahblah

Those aren't command-line parameters. so I'd like to monitor based on the pattern (dxservice*).

I'm sure this would also help for people who want to monitor everything that's part of Exchange or other multi-service systems.


Leon Adato this could be handy

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I need this now

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I agree - this needs to be implemented - For example, I need to monitor a Tomcat process. Right now that Tomcat could be tomcat6.exe or tomcat7.exe, and who knows, in the future there could be a tomcat8.exe. It should be possible to set up a monitor using 'tomcat*.exe' so that if it has 'tomcat<anythingatall>.exe' it will match and be monitored, rather than have to set up four differnet monitors to look for two differnet applications, only to have to add anotherone later and change the monitors if/when tomcat is upgraded.

I agree. The tool we are transitioning from supports this and replicating the monitoring in SolarWinds is taking a lot more time than it should.

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YES!!!! We need this we have hundreds of different report service names, and they are all different, I have to create a template for every last one, which drives me insane!!

Doh, I completely forgot about having dealt with this in the past. Good idea.

Would love to see this.. Would be very, very, very, very, very handy.

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Yes, we need this for monitoring SQL services that are named instances (MSSQL$) so we don't have to specify one each