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Process or Service monitor wildcards

Process or Service monitor wildcards

I can't believe this isn't already an idea, but here we go:

Please support the use of patterns (simple wildcards or - be still my heart - regular expressions) in service and process names. I've got a few obnoxious services that actually REGISTER THEMSELVES USING THE SERVER NAME.

ie: on server1, it's dxservice_server1_blahblah

and on server2, it's dxservice_server2_blahblah

Those aren't command-line parameters. so I'd like to monitor based on the pattern (dxservice*).

I'm sure this would also help for people who want to monitor everything that's part of Exchange or other multi-service systems.

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I need this, Bump

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I upvoted this as well, I used wildcards for Windows Services on the Solarwinds N-Central product when I use to administer that and it was great.

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Bump! This is definitely still needed!

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Please add this - so helpful!

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I'm looking to monitor bomgar service but the process name is also unique for every system


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I need this for SQL Server Job Names. As a DBA I use the prefix of  MAINTENANCE_ for all my jobs compared to my enterprise data warehouse team that uses the prefix of EDW_ or my business intelligence team that uses the prefix of BI_

i would really need this as well, since we have one set of performance counters to monitor, with multiple instances in it. Now we have to manully add every perf counter/instance combination. It would be very nice, to add 1 perf counter directly with all instances in it.

we also need this for sure! (see request 11040 as well)

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Still relevant. I have a versioned application service that I would like to only create one template, and have it follow future upgrades of the service.