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Nested SAM Templates

Nested SAM Templates

I would like to have the capability to nest SAM templates.  If I have a solution that uses, for example, IIS, MySQL and CUPS I would like to create a single template that I could then add those three templates to.  Doing so would save me from having to recreate all three templates by adding the monitors into one compiled template.  Also, if I have multiple applications/solutions that use IIS I only have to modify one template (IIS) to change parameters in every template that it is a member of.  In a place that has even just 5 custom applications this would save hours of time.

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This would also be useful if you could then apply it to a group verses selecting each node. this way if a node gets added to the group it would automatically add those monitors to the node being added.


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I think you can use copy components from other template option and create a new template with all the component monitors you need without creating them again.

It is available in SAM 6.5

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You would be better to use groups, and assign templates to the group. Then your servers could belong to one (or more) groups and have the template auto-assigned. If the server use changes (you remove CUPS, for instance), you would remove it from the group (either manually or using custom properties) and the template would be un-assigned.

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