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Mute alerts for a group - multiple nodes at once

Mute alerts for a group - multiple nodes at once

I just now found out that this was not possible.  We had prior used Nagios and have been used to muting and/or assigning downtime to Host groups all the time.  I submitted a ticket to SolarWinds as I thought something was wrong when I would select the group and then click on Commands and then "Mute alerts now"

I was told this was a product limitation.  It is not meant to silence all Nodes underneath the group, but the group status ONLY.

Please add this feature ASAP.  We have just migrated all of our nodes over to SolarWinds and this just will not work for us having to silence hundreds of Nodes individually each time we have product maintenance or a deployment.



I have this configured to Unmanage when we do maintenance.  - How to unmanage groups of nodes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

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Have you tried to configure alert on group and Mute Alert option?

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