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Microsoft Azure Monitoring

Microsoft Azure Monitoring

With the adoption of cloud computing on the rise, it's high time that SAM expand its monitoring capabilities to natively support monitoring services such as Azure natively and agentlessly via the Azure API. These services must be monitored no differently than their on-prem equivalents; allowing users to report and alert upon performance, health, and availability issues occurring and impacting critical application running in the cloud.

Level 12

If only Azure allowed ICMP for the very basics.

Level 9

This would definitely make my life easier.

Level 21

Since we are partnered with Microsoft as a CSP and will be providing Azure services this is going to be directly in our critical path.

Level 12

At least you have the option to use SNMP for polling, since they block ICMP.

Status & Response Time

  • ICMP (Ping) - Fastest
  • SNMP
Level 21

Yeah, but I want more detailed information about the entire stack which can only be collected via the API.

Level 11

*cough* Windows Azure Monitoring, Azure Performance Monitoring - Applications Manager  *cough* Time to catch-up with the competition!

Level 21

I had actually ran across that but totally forgot to point it out, thanks for this.  Nothing wrong with some good ole' friendly competition and Azure integration is certainly what is needed.

Level 13

Trust me, I know. I wish there was more that I could say on here.

Any update on this we are actually right in the middle of a POC for Azure

Level 12

The IT world is moving to cloud based services (for this moment anyway) and we are finding ourselves very limited with SolarWinds products. Sure I can use agents to monitor our Azure based services and its great but I have zero visibility into our O365 services or MS CRM offering. Come on SolarWinds, I am a fanboy, don't make me jump ship over this.