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Microsoft Azure Monitoring

Microsoft Azure Monitoring

With the adoption of cloud computing on the rise, it's high time that SAM expand its monitoring capabilities to natively support monitoring services such as Azure natively and agentlessly via the Azure API. These services must be monitored no differently than their on-prem equivalents; allowing users to report and alert upon performance, health, and availability issues occurring and impacting critical application running in the cloud.

Level 21​ I am in the same boat as you on this!

Level 13

Amazon cloud is now supported. Why did you not include Microsoft at the same time?

Level 7 I am in the same boat as you on this!

Level 21

Here is what I need, taken from another products website:


Level 7

Which tool is this?  I'm up for renewal in a few months so maybe a good time to rethink SolarWinds. 

Level 7

Found it and setting up a demo with ScienceLogic and Auvik.  We'll see how it goes...

Level 13

This is currently available in the SAM 6.5 Beta. You can access it from the Server & Application Monitor​ space and clicking on beta.

Level 7

Hi, can you guide me to the specific feature?  I only see the ones geared towards O365 and Exchange Online but not Azure.  Thanks for your feedback.

Product Manager
Product Manager

This is available in SAM 6.5 SAM 6.5 Release Notes 

Level 10

SAM 2020.2 introduced out of the box API Poller templates collecting Azure metrics:



If you need more metrics here is the long list of available metrics: