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Manage Agents grouping based on custom properties

Manage Agents grouping based on custom properties

I would like better grouping options on the manage agents page more like what I have on the manage nodes page.  Going forward I anticipate having agents on a large quantity of nodes and being able to sort these for better management is going to be helpful.  Having the ability to sort and view custom properties like we can on the manage nodes page would be helpful.  The alternative to this would be to add the agent details to the manage nodes page for the nodes using agents.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This can be more or less done today using the Manage Nodes view. Simply add the "Polling Method" column to the manage agents grid and sort by that column.

Polling Method.png

Alternatively, you can also use the "Polling Method" Group By option in the Manage Agents grid.

Polling Method Group By.png