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Local AD to Azure AD/Office 365 sync monitoring

Local AD to Azure AD/Office 365 sync monitoring

It will be helpful to have local AD to Azure AD/Office 365 sync monitoring service check. The monitoring must check the health of the synchronization and report synchronization errors if any.

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This would be totally awesome. 

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Agree.  Would be very useful to have on the big screen on the wall showing major services status.

Ask and you shall receive! I made a template to monitor Azure AD Connect services and performance counters. You can get it on Thwack Content Exchange, and please comment on the content exchange page if there are different components, counters, or services to monitor. Thanks!

Azure AD Connect Monitor

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Product Manager
Status changed to: Implemented

In SAM 2020.2, we added support for the authentication that is needed to monitor Microsoft Graph API endpoints in our API poller. We've also included out-of-the-box api poller templates to help you get started with monitoring quickly on Graph. Using the power of these improvements and with the addition of new dashboards, and maps you can visualize these results easily. 


SAM is GA today! I recommend taking a look at the walkthrough and looking at the API poller template library for an introduction into how you can monitor your O365 stack and Azure Active Directory  faster than ever.


I also highly recommend using the template for visibility from the domain controller into your AD sync status!