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Hardware and Warranty monitoring for Fujitsu servers

Hardware and Warranty monitoring for Fujitsu servers

It would be great to be able to monitor hardware health and
warranty status of Fujitsu servers.

Level 8


We have ~500 servers... HP and Dell are perfectly monitored and integrated in Orion using HP Insight Manager and Dell OpenManage, so all hardware, Raid Controller, Disks, Fans, Power Supply are monitored automatically.

We have some Fujitsu Primergy servers with the standard Fujitsu software... they are not "included" in Orion, the only possibility is UDT...

It would be nice a similar integration in Orion



Level 9

Same here only ALL of my 130 server are Fujitu servers from RX100, 200, 300's and Blade BX600s and BX900's very little information is returned for the hardware either.

Level 7

its a joke that this still hasn't been implemented, Fujitsu are a major hardware manufacturer and their hardware can't be monitored!!!!!

Product Manager
Product Manager

Fujitsu servers may be regionally popular. To my knowledge though, they aren't very prevalent in the US. This may explain why this feature has not been voted up more than you might expect.

Level 7

Fujitsu is widely used in Italy and we are Circle Partner for them. Better to include them in the compatibility list.



Level 10

That doesnt suprise me about the usa but they have a huge foot hole here in the UK and across Europe. Maybe

thats why. It used to be Fujitsu Siemens & they arent a big US brand either. However saying that, they are one

of the four hardware providers that intel use for testing all new server technology & processors on. There

support contracts can not be beaten. They have boot drop for hardware support. So if a part is flown in and its

the middle of the night, the part is delivered to the engineer and put in his car boot (trunk) ready for next

day to save waking him to sign for the parts.  So yeah, they are a big player and have 18 blade solutions

I wont be renewing my site license next time for SAM if not & use serverview as I have all fujitsu servers

Product Manager
Product Manager

I'm sorry johnuk that you find no value in SAM beyond this feature. We strive with each and every new release of SAM to exceed customers expectations by consistently improving the product and delivering on the ideas the community. To my knowledge, I'm not aware of any solution in the market today that provides the level of comprehensive application and server monitoring that SAM provides, coupled with software/hardware inventory, heath monitoring, and warranty information for Fujitsu servers. If you are aware of one please let me know.

Level 10

Easy tiger, I also have an unlimited license for NPM and works great with the cisco

hardware. Its only SAM Im talking about, Im not disgruntled. Any of the members

above will tell you ServerView that comes on DVD with each server & does all the

things you said and centralised alerting. I was hoping to bring them together under

one product was all rather than two Seperate health monitoring systems. Obviously its

only for fujitsu kit hence it being free with hardware but regardless, what would you do?

dont tell me pay, surely not.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Maybe I need to upgrade my version of ServerView, but I don't believe Fujitsu's own software provides warranty status information. Is hardware health and asset inventory truly the sole features you use SAM for?

Level 10

I Think your right, even this older version pre SAM screenshot shows that & Im a few versions out. Working at a major hospital & providing 24/7 support. Its all about turn around time for me. I need the most specific details a system can provide regarding the hardware thats failing so I can either raise a support call, replace the part or migrate the server to somewhere else to avoid having to

cancel clinics, theatre operations, radiology etc. This will show me from a sub menu the mainboard layout and a red indicator showing the part at fault. Based on the type I can automate certain support calls being raised electronicly. Again if I buy a dell or HP box this system wont help

versions behind nowimage.jpg