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Hardware Health Support via IPMI for Dell DRAC and HP iLO

Hardware Health Support via IPMI for Dell DRAC and HP iLO

SAM should support hardware health monitoring of Dell PowerEdge and HP Proliant servers without the need to install manufacturer specific software on the server. This information is exposed and available agentlessly when out of band management cards are purchased with the server at additional cost. SAM should be able to leverage that investment by allowing users to poll hardware health status information, similar to what is available via SNMP or WMI, via the IPMI protocol through Dell's Remote Access Card, or HP's Integrated Lights Out management card.

Level 7

The majority of our servers are Dell R610 machines which have iDRAC Enterprise 6 cards in them. Generations of iDRAC cards previous to 7 aren't able to alert on storage either. They've added this feature for iDRAC7 and newer. My options are limited to either polling physical nodes via SNMP in Solarwinds SAM, (losing valuable information only available via WMI) or setup another product (Dell openmanage Essentials server) to centralize the reporting and alerting for hardware failures. Just an FYI, I'm not sure what generations of the HP proliants' iLO cards are capable of monitoring storage. If this feature were added the release notes/documentation should indicate what minimum level of iDRAC card is required.

Level 12

Another option would be if you could monitor Hardware and OS via different polling methods -

Level 8

Using the latest HP Integrated Lights Out in a ProLiant Gen 8 server, Solarwinds shows that ILO reports disconnected 10Gb interfaces as "down". 1Gb interfaces that are disconnected report correctly. This might be because the 1Gb interfaces are integrated into the motherboard, whereas the 10Gb interfaces are PCIE cards.

I am able to see storage and other system resources.

ILO version 3 / Gen 7 servers do not return any data. I think I can upgrade ILO to version 4, but I'm not sure as of yet.

Level 13

IMHO, This should be available in NPM also...

Level 12

Yet another option could be to include an agent plug-in that utilizes IPMI or SNMP locally, but just for hardware so the agent can be deployed to Dell machines providing both the usual WMI stats, but then with the plug-in the necessary hardware information from OpenManage.

Level 11

I would add do not forget about Cisco UCS rack mounts as well, its API does expose through its CIMC out of band interface. Its similar to DRAC/ILO.

Level 9

What I am trying NOT to do is to have to install and run multiple different systems to do monitoring.  Dell, HP, Cisco, IBM.  Four brands constitute the majority of servers, with HP and Dell in the front.  For my money, I would infinitely rather be able to centralize the polling of this information within solar winds,

Level 10

We are moving the Sun and Dell hardware checks from Nagios which uses the check_dell and check_ipmi plugins to a solarwinds monitoring solution.  We will not be installing software on the Windows OS, as our application vendor will not support us if we install other applications.  I am new to solarwinds, and was going to try custom pollers for this.  

Level 10

Where are we with the custom pollers for Dell iDRAC direct SNMPv3?  Did someone post one yet?

Level 10

We have some Dell servers I'm supposed to monitor that only have the iDRAC exposed to our network.  I have zero other visibility to these devices.  Being able to get hardware health from it iDRACs would be huge.