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Dynamic Entity PerfStack Charts

Dynamic Entity PerfStack Charts

Currently when creating a chart in PerfStack, a specific entity needs to be selected before selecting the metrics to add for charting.  I understand that not all of the metrics for one entity would be available across all entities, but for common metrics it would be cool to have dynamic entities.

For example, I'd like to create a single Analysis Project with a number of custom PerfStack chart combinations, but be able to easily switch between nodes without having to replicate that same dashboard with the same charts for each entity/node (maybe using a drop-down menu?).  Alternatively, if there was no way to switch nodes on the fly directly on the  project page, having dynamic entities would allow the charts to be re-used on multiple node pages without the need to replicate the project for each individual node.

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Level 13

Good idea - would be really nice to have that feature. However I'm not sure if it is possible using current logic of PerfStack functionality.