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Dynamic Custom Properties Applied During Scheduled Subnet Scans

Dynamic Custom Properties Applied During Scheduled Subnet Scans

I have the custom properties "City", "Country", and "Region".  I know I'm missing servers in SolarWinds, but it is a huge hassle to constantly fix those variables for servers so users can manage their devices and get alerts.  I would like to have scheduled subnet scans to collect what is missing, but I NEED those custom properties populated at the same time automatically.

What I think could happen.

This may be an IPAM request more than a SAM request, but I think I should be able to stamp custom properties on the subnets within IPAM.  Then when SAM does a scheduled subnet scan for new devices, it imports those devices and applies the same custom properties IPAM contains. This would correctly drop all servers into their proper city, country, region for user management.

Another important thing would be supernets having the ability to apply their custom properties below.  I would like a /16 supernet to populate the custom properties to all of the contained subnets for faster deployment and labelling.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Funny, ceige made the very a very similar request today. Though his idea was to use Network Sonar Discovery to automatically apply custom properties to nodes added based upon the Sonar Discovery Profile used. 

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I tried to find his, but I didn't see any posting. I'd gladly upvote anyone's idea that incorporates this.  I really think it's something major that is lacking.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Thwack is only one of nearly a dozen sources from which we receive feature request. ceige‌ made his request to me directly via email the same day you posted the same idea here on Thwack. I did notice ceige has since up-voted this idea.

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This would be very handy, especially that not all devices have the SNMP Location properties set properly (and try to get an Admin to set it ... Ugh).

Why can't NPM/NCM have a table of custom properties (Fully customized, Like Country, Region, City or City, Site, Building...etc). to map an IP subnet ? Subnets are fairly static once a network is built.

We are looking at using 3 custom properties in IPAM and run a scheduled job to lookup the Node IP in IPAM and set the custom properties assigned in IPAM. Need more automation Head Geeks.... Dez ?

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Until that will happen..

Try if you can the alert action "chang custom property"  to automates some of these CP population?

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting