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AppInsight for SolarWinds Orion

AppInsight for SolarWinds Orion

When 2020.2 was released, the SAM team was nice enough to provide us with a set of application templates to monitor core SolarWinds Orion services.  I then asked if these templates were "HA-aware" and a few more templates were created for use on the standby node in a pool. 

However, what we *really* need is more intelligent monitoring of Orion, dynamic in nature like other AppInsight templates; discover whether a poller is active or standby and monitor the services as "stopped" vs "down" if standby and automatically change this when the pool state of the poller changes.

It would also be great if the logic could discover which modules are installed, and automatically monitor the relevant services and metrics for those as well.

This will provide more accurate, timely, and efficient self-monitoring of Orion in HA deployments.

Community Manager
Community Manager

So, just for clarity, you are looking for a better summary of the My Orion Deployment screen.

My Orion Deployment c/o the Orion Public DemoMy Orion Deployment c/o the Orion Public Demo

Do you have specific things you'd like to see in an AppInsight-style template - specific metrics, services, things like that?

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@KMSigma - The "My Orion Deployment" -> "High Availability Deployment Summary" screen does not provide anything like the level of detail for monitoring of specific, critical Orion services and metrics as those seen in the Orion 2020.2 application templates provided by the SAM team.  I even recently used one of these templates to provide support case evidence for what became a confirmed memory leak in the SWISV3 service.

For your reference, here are the provided application templates in question.:

Please take a look at those and you'll see what I mean.  These are very useful, however given that the "active" role of a pool member may change either automatically or manually (hence HA), the appropriate monitoring needs to follow the active designation for proper monitoring; dynamic vs static monitor assignment.

As far as additional services, metrics, charts, widgets, or dashboards, I'd assume that the appropriate SolarWinds team would have the required knowledge of their product to determine the most useful content.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Understood - I was just trying to make sure that we had all the details about this Feature Request.