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AppInsight for Orion

AppInsight for Orion

This seems like a no brainer to be, but why don't we have an AppInsight app for Orion?

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Level 10

This should be an out of the box feature for all Solarwinds products.

ye, enabled by default!

Level 9

Excellent idea!

Not only would this offer a huge jumpstart on fixing issues with our deployment, but it would also go a long way in helping demonstrate what we can offer our end users for their systems/applications/databases/volumes/ad infinitum.

I would think that this is your Unicorn folks, as it qualifies as both low hanging fruit and a clear homerun.

Level 8


Level 12

Seems like the My Orion Deployment (aka High Availability Deployment Summary) is an AppInsight of Orion, but that could be greatly improved.

Level 10

This feature should be out of box,which help solarwind administration for day to day activities.

Level 10

Yes, Please!

And for the love of the FSM, fix it so that AppInsight for SQL doesn't have constant complaints about the Orion databases.

Level 9

all those calls that result in 'run this sql delete statement' or 'add this to the database,' etc. , etc. could be preempted with something that is digging along. How about monitoring whether e-mails are going out or not? or depth of queue? Or load overall?

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Community Manager
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