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AppInsight for Oracle

AppInsight for Oracle

Providing the same level of monitoring for Oracle as SAM has for MSSQL via AppInsight for SQL. Table Sizes, index fragmentation, individual database statuses, connections, most expensive queries, etc.

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Level 10

You can use the Oracle APM template in SAM described here Oracle Database (Updated)

For deeper monitoring and for a better view into database performance you can also use SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA). DPA supports Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and IBM DB2.
Oracle Performance Monitoring & Analyzer | SolarWinds

With DPA you get database health metrics and wait-time analysis, which gives you visibility into historical and detailed view into how the database engine is servicing an application request and how the wait times correlate with supporting resources including host OS, virtualization and storage I/O.

gerardodada I find this isn't enough. DPA is great for database performance and "Oracle Database" lets you see predefined metrics, but in the middle you have "making queries to pull data from tables" and nothing in SAM or DPA appears to fit the bill for that.

Aka, I want to perform custom query X, which tells me Y.    

Level 13

My users want to monitor databases that have dozens of tablespaces, and which may have new tablespaces added or deleted without notice. I would like a tool that can detect when tablespaces are added or dropped so I don't get yelled at by DBAs when they discover that the new tablespace that they didn't tell me about isn't being monitored

Level 10

Unfortunately you cannot do this with DPA but you can with Log and Event Manager (LEM) There is a KB for configuring Oracle auditing for LEM which you can use to be alerted for changes in tablespaces among many other things

Level 13

Thanks. We don’t have LEM now, but that’s useful to know for the future.

Uh, how does that even make sense from an integration perspective? I'm glad it can be done with LEM, but why would this not be set up OOTB with DPA and/or appinsight for oracle (if created)?

Level 15

Very nice

Level 9

Anything ever come about with this? I see the oracle performance monitor has since been taken down...

I wonder how long this will take before solarwinds starts looking into it as an actual feature. Bump I suppose.

Level 9

I'm pretty sure they're just after their "maintenance renewals"...