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AppInsight for Office 365 for Service Health Issues

AppInsight for Office 365 for Service Health Issues

Ability to use the Azure API (preview) to pull information such as cloud service interuption.

Just like what sacosgrove​ said:


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We have a lot of PowerShell scripts running to tell us the status of O365 and Exchange Online. We also collect oData in Excel for dashboards. There are several vendors with monitoring solutions everywhere from elegant to garbage. AppInsight for O365 would be great.

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dcoder Are you willing to share any of your scripts?  Excluding the tenant information ofcourse

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Could really use this ASAP...  Many third party tools are now offering it.  I would like to avoid having another tool brought in just for the O365 stuff.

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Yes.  I need to implement O365 monitoring as we finish migrating from on prem Exchange to O365. 

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We use a managed service for Solar Winds and I have just been speaking to them about getting this in place.  Looking at Synthetic Transaction Monitoring at the very least and hopefully a whole lot more. 

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I just want to make sure everyone on this thread has seen this:

Microsoft Office 365 Portal