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Allow Hardware and OS to be Polled separately

Allow Hardware and OS to be Polled separately

The Issue:

Dell does not have the ability to pull PERC details via WMI, so we have to monitor the physical servers via SNMP; then we are not able to pull all the Volume Details (Disk Queue Length, Avg. Disk sec/Transfer, and Total Disk IOPS) for the Windows Servers.


Allow the Hardware and OS to be polled separately and different methods.


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Level 12

Yes, please!  Even if it is more complicated than this in order to keep it out of the way of the users that don't need it - this prevents us from crippling WMI aspects by staying on SNMP for Dell disk health, or from jumping through weird scripting hoops to get additional information for which ever node polling we are not using.

Yes, oh yes, please!

I like this idea, logically speaking. Sounds nice on paper. However, I can see it getting complicated very quickly if it's not handled like how sonar does.     

Level 7

a must option for Hyper-V monitoring.

PRTG has this capability - need i say more?

Level 17

Yes, just for sheer ability. And the after thought is that this has potential on more than just Dell's - even though we do run a lot of those darn things.

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I was just wondering whether SW currently had this ability when I stumbled across this thread.  My organization would greatly benefit from this capability!!


Level 7

This has been floating around for a long time. It is frustrating not being able to monitor Dell disk/raid controller health from the one place. All options involve extra work ( e.g. adding secondary Ip address and SNMP role service to Win Server) or 3rd party cost (netcmdlets). Has there been any update from either Solarwinds or Dell on this? Any other neater workarounds?

Level 13

I have had similar issues with the Universal devices pollers.  They only pull/use/recognize a node if it's set up as SNMP and since the SNMP credentials are tied to the node as how it's monitored this means I have no choice but to use SNMP to monitor the node.  I wish I could just add the SNMP credentials to the node without any monitoring attached to it, then assign the poller to use those credentials.  Alternatively, just add SNMP polling to a node (like SAM templates do) without tying the credentials to the node (they can inherit the node credentials or define their own monitoring credentials pulled from the Orion Windows credential store)

Level 9

Yes it will be a great feature because I have a lot of customer with Dell hardware with HyperV and they can't manage disk with WMI... (necessary for Orion HyperV part).

Re: Dell Storage information populated via WMI

Level 10

Splitting this would be of huge benefit to us.

Level 13

Hear you loud and clear, guys.