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Agent For Monitoring AIX Operating Systems

Agent For Monitoring AIX Operating Systems

There's already a Linux Agent in the works for SAM that addresses most of the limitations associated with Agentless monitoring of Linux hosts. What about an Agent that addressed the same/similar limitations for the AIX PowerPC 64bit operating system?

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Aix while not are largest unix system  implementation has some of the more important services on them to include MQ queues and Oracle databases. 

This agent would potentially help us quite a bit from syslog based monitoring to better filesystem monitors (mounted/unmounted, samba shares, utilization thresholds, etc.)  The current SNMP based monitors for unix are challenged at best. 

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I cant believe I didnt see this sooner.  HECK YEA!!  Now that the LINUX agent is out I am very much hoping this will happen very soon.  We have over 250 AIX servers so I would love to see this agent become a reality...

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maybe see this in 6.4?  maybe?  pretty please?

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And add HP-UX? We've got some heavy hitters on that OS as well.

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hey guys,

we have more than 150 AIX LPARs. We urgently need an AIX Agent.