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Advanced HTTP/HTTPS monitors to cope with SSO redirections

Advanced HTTP/HTTPS monitors to cope with SSO redirections


Now days, many enterprises are embedding SSO systems do deal with identification issues.

Problem is; present HTTP or HTTPS SAM monitor can't cope perfectly with SSO sites. (For example: Shibboleth).

2 main problems:

1) HTTP monitor fail because it still see Login/Password page, during approaching the monitored page, because it redirected to SSO page instead of performing "Regular" login.

2) Mostly, only one time Logon process is needed to pass the SSO stage and continue to the desired page. Afterwards, SSO is not intervent in the line, for a while (Till automatic sign off...)

   In this stage, Http monitor doesn't follow and alerts the whole process of the sign on path. It may only monitor the final web page. So, you don't have a full monitoring of the whole process.

So, HTTP monitor should be able to indicate whether if site is redirected or not.
And be able to make a sign-off action on each monitoring approach to a web (In a way to repeat a full path of sign-on processes on next check).