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Administer NPM & SAM via Command Line

Administer NPM & SAM via Command Line

I am somewhat new to SolarWinds (1 year in November 2013) and I come from the treacherous land of Tivoli (ITM) and I am quickly becoming quite fond of SolarWinds, however one feature i miss about using ITM was tacmd.

tacmd was a command that allowed us to manipulate remote agents and the local ITM infrastructure to do various tasks quickly and efficiently. Having this functionality allowed us to easily add/update/delete/turn off and on various pieces of the ITM environment. We would then take these commands and wrap them into scripts that were executed manually or by some other application (netcool, etc..) that made our job much easier to do. It also gave us the ability to automate requests and took the human part out of it so less mistakes were made on tasks that could have widespread impact.

I'm sure some of the tasks can be done using querys like editing the nodes tables, or some of the various APM tables for SAM but doing it this way makes us have to rely on the Database to get information on what was done by whom and when. If these types of tasks can be done though some type of command line interface you can then use some of the auditing capabilities already present with in SolarWinds and not going directly into the database to automate your work.I am sure this has been requested before but im going to put it in anyways

Some of the Command line features that i can think of


Manipulating the Nodes & Interface properties

Manipulating the Nodes & Interface custom properties

Managing and Unmanaging Nodes & Interfaces

Listing resources for some/many existing Nodes

Adding Nodes & Interfaces with custom properties

Reassign Pollers for Nodes & Interfaces

Run Report for one/some/all nodes & interfaces

Add/update/delete/disable/enable alerts

Add/update/delete/disable/enable trigger & reset actions

Get lists of Nodes & Interfaces based on properties

Get statuses of Nodes & Interfaces

Edit users and groups


Create/Delete Templates & Monitors

Update Templates & Monitors

Assign Nodes to Templates

Remove Nodes from Templates & Monitors

Add/Remove/Disable/Enable components

Add/Remove Scripts from components

Get Component Statuses

Add/delete/update/assign credentials

Test Components with one/some Node

Edit SAM Custom Properties

Get lists of components for one/some/all templates

Get node to template/monitor relationship lists

Level 13

Another desirable feature would be to create/update/start NPM discovery jobs.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Have you looked at the Orion SDK? Several of the items you listed above can be accomplished using scripting languages such as PowerShell.

Product Manager
Product Manager

as mentioned by Jeremy, we have have Orion SDK support for this type of automation. Reference SAM Application Monitoring Templates · solarwinds/OrionSDK Wiki · GitHub 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented