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Ability to schedule monitors to run at a specific time

Ability to schedule monitors to run at a specific time

We are looking for the ability to run monitors at specific times. For instance we have a SQL query that will tell us that a database has been updated with the latest data that we would like to run at 8AM daily but no other time during the day.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Have you considered using the Schedule Unmanage utility to unmanage this application throughout the day and only allow it to run for a predefined 5-10min period of time once a day?

Level 9

That is exactly what I did but that is a little lame of a workaround. Would be nice to have a scheduler



Level 16

I agree, this would be great.  Having the separate utility is kinda sloppy...

Level 15

I can't say how many times I've been asked to have a folder checked exactly at the top of the hour or only at a certain time of day.  It's a common request that I always have to inform the user we can't accommodate.

Level 8

This would be nice.  I currently have a monitor that runs a website check every 24 hours.  If I do any maintenance on the servers, like stopping the services, then the schedule gets all messed up.  it would be nice to have the ability to schedule it rather than fire it off manually at 8am when the schedule gets messed up.

Level 17

This would be a really nice feature to add.

Level 10

Yes, this is a much needed feature.  I also have had issues where simply setting the interval in minutes is not very reaslistic. I would like to see some sort of ability to set regular intervals by minutes, but also days of the week or what days of the month so we can get more granular in how we schedule polling of SAM Templates.

Scheduling a monitor to run at a specific time is but just one aspect what is needed.(Needed horribly in WPM)

The topic of calendars and the ability to apply to all aspects of the product for maint. windows, alerts, monitors, etc..

This makes a huge difference in what you can do with the product....

Level 12


I have several Clients that would like to be able to schedule SAM Monitors on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Custom time frames for specific details. They do not want to fill up the DB with Data that isn't important to them except for the define time.

Derik Pfeffer

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Level 8

This would be really great, I could have it monitor to see if a file arrived at a certain time. Then I would also be able to monitor if the file is not there. This would be great for flat file transfer type of interfaces. Please put this into the file exists component monitor at the very least.