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64 bit Version of all Solarwinds products

64 bit Version of all Solarwinds products

i would like to see a 64 bit version of the solarwinds products, This would allow the product to access and use more addressable memory within

the Servers i install the products on.

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Level 9

As all modern OS's run 64-bit, and very few are still running 32-bit, it doesn't make since not to make the SolarWinds product line 64-bit to be able to take full advantage of the capabilities available on 64-bit OS's

Level 13

There is very little 32bit left in the Orion Core.  I spoke with one of the developers recently and he mentioned they are almost done with the removal of old VB6 code.  They are moving to completely .net 64 bit.  He also mentioned that the job engine and module engines along with many other needed processes are already running in 64bit.  Just an FYI.  I will still vote on this, but this is definitely all continually in progress according to SW dev.

Level 12

How about a Linux based Appliance that allows you to add on features with unlock codes.  64 bit of course.

Level 18

It's never gonna happen, but I liked your comment anyway. A guy can dream...

Product Manager
Product Manager

The only tangible benefit to 64bit is that a single process can address more than 2GB of ram. It doesn't improve performance in any way. Not unless you have a process that's memory constrained. As you can see below, no single process comes anywhere close to consuming that amount of memory.

Process Memory.png

Level 18

Oh no, I meant the Linux part, not the 64-bit part. And that's cause I'm a rabid anti-windows bigot.

Level 15

I consistently see Info Service v3 using up to 1.5Gb of memory so I wouldn't say it doesn't come close.

Level 16

My business-layer aka moduleengine died regularly because it hits the 2GB limit, at least until I got YABD last week.


YABD: Yet-Another-Buddy-Drop

Product Manager
Product Manager

That sounds like a memory leak issue. A 64bit Module Engine process would simply have let the process leak further. While I don't think anyone is opposed to the idea of a 64bit version of Orion. In fact the Job Engine is already 64bit as anyone with SAM can see by editing any assigned application, expanding the "Advanced" section, and selecting x64 job processing. This tells the job to use the 64bit Job Engine instead of the 32bit Job Engine. This option exists and defaults to x86 (32bit) because not all jobs can be executed properly in a 64bit processes. E.G. Calling 32bit PowerShell cmdlets is a good example, or opening an ODBC connection that relies on a 32bit ODBC driver.

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Which I could vote more than once....and our deployment isn't completed.