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Volume Space Diff / Compare

This is a very simple script based template to check the difference between space used on a volume against a previous point in time and alert if an increase of more than 100MB over 15 minutes is detected. The script is very rudimentary and may need some tweaks to work in your environment. The script is hard coded to look at "C:" so you will need to change that to reflect the volume you are targeting. You could also change the math if you need to look at a value larger or smaller than 100MB. Keep in mind that the goal of this script is simply to check the space used at the time of polling against the space used 15 minutes ago (or what ever interval you choose to configure)

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This is cool.

However a couple of caveats,

Is there a way to recode this to change the volume when it's applied to a monitor?

Can the system temp path variable be used instead of hard-coding c:\Temp for SpaceDiff.txt?

I can't think of a way to quickly do the first item (you'll still have to manually edit that part) but I did just upload a new version that uses the PowerShell $env:temp variable instead of the hard coded path in the original version

Thank you. This will work out good.

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