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The Magic Of SQL Scripts: Do What Counts, Don't Count What You Do

Dear All SolarWinders,

I would like to kick off an exciting series of articles around monitoring workflow that I have created for the past few month.

A year ago I have discovered SolarWinds product (actually - platform, not just product) and it simply blew me away. I could not believe what these guys at Austin TX have done. This Thing Just Works! ... and with a bit of imagination and persistence from my side this platform would do virtually anything what I had my mind up to. Now, I am at the stage of my second breakthrough in working with SolarWinds - I have discovered the power of SQL scripts... and I just simply can't stop scripting...

I hear some of you are saying - "Hell no, SQL sounds like too much. I better stick with NEXT > NEXT > CLICK > CLICK > DRAG > DRAG = DONE". And you would be absolutely right. I was thinking the same. Besides - I have never done any SQLing before and on top of that SolarWinds Product Team already does pretty awesome job of enabling you to not to go beyond GUI and still achieve extraordinary results anyway. Why on earth would you start SQL scripting?! ... Just watch this space and you will be amazed by the power of SQL scripts (I would add basic SQL scripts) that you can deploy in your environment.

Here we go...

Below are some bonus articles:

Thank You,

Alex Soul


This is great! Thank you Alex

Hi Alex,

It would be great to know what products & versions you are running when you implemented these various scripts.  That way if there are changes in the future versions to these tables it is easier to identify what version might have made the change.

Love these articles, they're very insightful!



Hi Steven, good point, thanks. I will be including version from now on

Scripts above mostly for NPM 11.0. I will need to adopt them for the latest 11.5 at some point, but the changes are minor. I am actually running into the problem of keeping up with schema changes every time there is a major SW release - I might need to move towards SDK Tools and APIs to make it more sustainable for the future releases and upgrades

Alex, you do indeed rock Sir!

Hey Guys, just added one more "noise killer" report - grab your copy and have fun

Repetitive Email Alerts (Noise) - MUST HAVE REPORT!!!

Sorry but the Repetitive Email Alerts Noise cannot seem to be imported in Orion Platform 2016.2.100

It definitely can. I have just tested on the same platform. What error do you get?


hi Alex, awesome work !!! i really like that idea if Aux / separate table with all the Sites related information

i was wondering if you think would be possible to incorporate additional values like business hours or time which could potentially be used as base for generating the reports on utilization of resources during the business hours etc. Working for global company we often get requests to generate such reports but Orion so far doesnt have that functionality 



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