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SAM 2020.2 Release Candidate Now Available

It is my pleasure to announce that the SAM 2020.2 Release Candidate is now available in your customer portal

Each release candidate is a fully tested and supported version of the product and you can upgrade current production servers, while retaining your complete configuration and history.

Version 2020.2 is the next release following SAM 2019.4.1 and is compatible with Orion Platform 2020.2

What's New

Release notes and system requirements for SAM 2020.2 and related Orion releases can be found on this release summary

Many of the features in this release are mentioned on the WWWO product roadmap

With the SAM RC, comes a new platform that comes chock full of fantastic improvements: 

  • Monitor up to 1,000,000 elements per Orion Platform instance.
    • For SAM components the limit is increased to be 550,000 components per SAM installation. 
  • An Orion Map to Success! - Orion Maps improvements, such as creating and customizing text boxes, labels, or layouts, incorporating custom icons, adding shapes, dynamic backgrounds, bulk administration and all new Time Travel.
  • Performance enhancements
  • Dashboards, Dashboards, Get Your Dashboards! - New Custom Summary Dashboards
  • A Gateway To Your Fastest Upgrade Ever! - Upgrade improvements, such as pre-staging upgrades, upgrade plan reports, automating upgrades via Orion SDK
  • Enhanced volume status
  • 3rd Party Language Pack Support - scripts to extract UI texts from the Orion Web Console

Watch the forum for updates, even if you're not able to install now. The product team will continue to release new documents with detailed deep dives of the mentioned features. If there's one you're particularly interested in, mention it in the comments!

Your Feedback Counts!

The team is incredibly interested in your feedback, and what's even better is that when you participate by downloading and installing the RC, you get THWACK points. More importantly your feedback shapes our products. Post your thoughts, questions and concerns into the RC forum and not only will you be able to get some SolarWinds swag, but we the SAM team will be watching for input to make the product better and better. In addition, sometimes you'll come up with a brand new feature ideas that we would want to consider for a future version. The best place to capture those ideas would be Server & Application Monitor Feature Requests and as you can see from our What We're Working On For Server & Application Monitor (Updated July, 2019)  page, we take those inputs very seriously.


-- 3rd Party Language Pack Support - scripts to extract UI texts from the Orion Web Console


Where is this feature?

Hi there! glad to see you're interested in this feature! This is part of the orion platform (see: ). The best people to walk you through your questions here are: @jblankjblank  and @tony.johnson on this particular feature. What language are you looking to support? 

HI  @serena  

We need Chinese language

Hi @keegen 

The Orion Language Pack Development Kit is a set of PowerShell-based scripts designed for exporting existing and deploying or reverting custom language packs for SolarWinds Orion-based product(s) which will be available when we GA the release.

It provides users with the tools necessary to collect resource files including the de complication of required files which can then be translated using any text editor. Once translated these files can be compiled and packaged into a format and structure which can be deployed as an additional language pack.

The Language Pack Development Kit is intended to streamline the process of language pack creation and application, it does not provide the means to perform actual string translation.

The Orion Database is not affected by the deployment of a custom language pack. All existing data remains in the primary language e.g. widget names, existing events, alerts, and reports.



Does 2020.2 allow the API poller to exchange and use tokens?

is it possible to unmanage only the API Poller?

why not an application, it would be much more easier to handle with it?

@james.heads This is exactly where I am hung up. I do not see how it does.


I am specifically trying to use API Polling with Azure using the Out of Box templates and also custom created API Polling templates. The OoB templates have GET requests that are legitimate and would work. However, without a POST request to receive a valid token and pass it through, there is no way for the GET requests to work because you cannot authenticate to Azure REST.

I am beginning to think this major feature was released without it actually being tested. I have engaged my Account Manager, who is talking with an engineer, and so far nobody has been able to say how this actually works with Azure REST API polling.

Additionally, when creating authentication credentials for API Polling, there is nowhere to modify them after they are created. At least nowhere that I can find in the web console. I read an article that said they are supposed to reside in the Global SAM Settings Credentials Library, but they are not there.

I'm starting to get nervous because I'm sitting on a platform (2020.2) that is claimed to be fully tested and supported, but seems to be filled with unfinished work that nobody is familiar with.

This feature has been tested, I assure you. I'm working on a walk through document for you. You're right, you cannot modify the credentials via the UI, you'll want to add a new one. It's a request we're tracking to add some UI support for better modification. 

@roga you can delete the API poller, and just reassign an Azure template. 

@serena I very much appreciate your help! I know this will go a long way for myself as well as others!

@serenaso its not possible to unmanage the api pollers?


wicht of these one?



"Increasing supported component count per polling engine in a single SAM instance to 40,000".

Are we saying that earlier scalability limit of 10,000 component per polling engine increased to 40,000

"For SAM components the limit is increased to be 550,000 components per SAM installation"

Earlier 150,000 component per SAM was limit, So we are expanding to 550,000 components per SAM.

Massive,, enhancement.cheers

What will the number of components per polling engine be limited to?

@patriot  for those customers on node based licenses, the included additional polling engines are increased to support 40K components. Existing limitations on main polling engines, or polling engines deployed for component based licenses remain at the previous supported limits. 

@serena We have the RC in our lab environment and I'm testing a connection to Tintri, it needs a POST to establish a session before you the GET commands, how do you tie them together in Solarwinds? The POST is working (successful, Read_Only perms).  I added the GET after the POST and it still returns 401 Unauthorized.  Is there a way to tie these together?  It works in Postman so I'm thinking I'm just missing something in Solarwinds, any documentation I can refer to on setting this up?  Thank you.


@bmoline I had a similar issue with Azure REST API. I'm not familiar with Tintri or what kind of authentication they use, but I would suspect something is not configured properly with your authentication config. See the solution in the thread below. Maybe it will be relative to your challenge.

@bmoline is the post returning a session id that should be passed into the following GET request? The OOTB VMware template has a similar situation, and we are tracking chaining of requests with variable parameters that would help if that's the case. However, I'm not seeing a session id in the screenshots that you posted. 

Under response headers we have a jsessionid. 


@roga  sorry for the delay on response to your question on unmanage behaviors, we haven't added maintenance support for muting or managing in this release but the request is tracked under SAM-11705

@serena  ok thank you. it would be much easier solarwinds would makes from API Poller an application. so we dont have an unmanage issue and we dont have an view limitation issue. api Poller ignore any view limitation.


please tell me this is possible?

@bmoline  out of curiosity what happens when you take that JSESSIONID and pass it in as a header to the subsequent GET request? 


@dhinagar_j  thank you for the kind kudos, I posted more specific guidance in my response to patriot. I've passed on the kudos to the team who worked hard on scale improvements. 


@james.heads do you mean support for refresh tokens? 

@serena support to request tokens and refresh them every 24 hours when they expire. Cohesity API docs 

Monitor all the resources of Azure Cloud - What does this mean ? What all Azure resources can be monitored in the new release ? I hope this is purely based on API and not PowerShell. The current Powershell SAMP  templates do not scale for Enterprises where we need to monitor 100's or Databases/Webservices/storage accounts in Azure.

@mthangav using the API poller, you'll be able to use direct calls to the API so you won't need to utilize powershell scripts. 

I was very excited about the template API pollers, but then I noticed that you cannot assign the pollers that you have created, just out of the box ones. Is this intended behavior or is it some sort of bug?

Just a few weeks ago I had to go through the pain of creating an API poller with 24 metrics and then replicating it on lots of nodes 🙂 

@ioan_bucsa  that's intended behavior, but certainly one that we've been looking at changing! Thank you for sending that pain point, I've added that to the supporting data to supporting converting over custom built api pollers to be templatized. 

@serena, For component based license tier,, Any improvements on Stackable pollers , My understanding is that earlier Orion platform allows 2 APE to be stacked for SAM,  any related information on this,

@dhinagar_j  there are no changes on the stacking behaviors for component based licensing, but any information on how many additional you'd like to see and why would be very helpful! 

Thanks for the Response @serena , For node based license, a single APE can monitor 40K  component monitors, while component based license, a single APE can monitor 10K component monitor,  Hence with assumption that APE binaries will be same for both Node based and component based tier. Hence Just Curious to know  will SAM 2020., Whether i can stack 4 SAM APE together with component based license tier .. Ultimate objective is to reduce the required no.of hardware, maintaining 4 servers against maintaining 1 Server,  Also considering High availability, the server count will be again 8 ,,That is the intention behind the ask

Hi @serena. Do you have an estimate on when the 2020 GA version might be released?

@dhinagar_j very clear thank you for sharing. For SAM 2020.2 you'd only be able to stack up to 2, per the previous component behavior. 

@LatteLarry thanks for checking in, as of right now I don't have any estimates for you. However, not sure if you saw we did release a new RC build on Friday May 22. I utilized this to allow my upgrade from the previous RC build to happen via the centralized upgrades and it was super fast! 



Thanks for the info, I was not aware. I would like to run the script to allow for RC updates from the centralized upgrades in the web console. Do you know if the script itself will require running the configuration wizard, service restarts, or generally cause any interruption with the web console?

@LatteLarry Nope, the script simply updates the SolarWinds administration service and did not cause any configuration wizard runs service restarts or web console interrupts. It was completely within a minute for me and only needs to be run on the main polling engine. If you have more specific concerns, @jblankjblank  can give you more specifics around that script! 

@serena Thank you for the response. We have tried several header combinations without success.  Each time the JSESSIONID is not using the session we are attempting to pass in the header. See screenshot below.  I wanted to post it on here so others can benefit but I'm thinking maybe a user session might be best. Here is a screenshot of one of the many attempts. 401 unauthorized is the response as well. thank you. 2020-05-28_15-43-08.png

Hey @bmoline, let's schedule a session to look at this together. Sent you a DM.

2020.2 is GA today! Thank you for your participation and interest in the release candidate, please upgrade to our latest to get the full set of functionality!

What is considered an "Installation" in the context of 550,000 per SAM installation?

@jfaldmo a SAM installation is 1 main polling engine, with any associated additional polling engines, HA back up servers and additional web servers. Also, just in case you didn't see, SAM 2020.2 is GA now!

  • @serena , with component based license a single polling engine can monitor 10 k sam component, while with node based license a single polling engine can monitoring 40 k sam component - This is the guidelines issued. In both scenarios, I see APE system requirements are the same in both case.

I have component based license and We have a requirement to stack 2 APE together for SAM, Do i need additional resources for this ??

Stackable poller in my view is just a license adjustment. Same polling engine can monitor 40k sam component , 

Could you please kindly enlight us




Hey @dhinagar_j  with your component based license and 2 APEs stacked, on your main polling engine you can monitor up to 30k components. If you need to monitor more than 30k, then you would want to add another APE license on a separate server. This is because the main polling engine supports up to 10K without a stackable license, and you can stack up to 2 additional. If you're looking to take advantage of monitoring up to 550K components, you'll want to add apes and servers with the same stacking rules applied for each additional server.


Node based licenses have included additional polling engines, so stacking is not supported, as there are no licenses to apply. Rather, it's a simpler deployment where you can have one main polling engine (up to 10K) and each included additional polling engine is a flat 40K components per server. 


Let me know if I can help clarify anything else! In addition, future improvements for SAM will be shepherded by @adam.hert as the new SAM PM so be sure to request future improvements in the feature request forum! 


@serena , Appreciating your detailed response. 

Recommended hardware specifics for APEs in XL deployments 

  • 4-core processor or better,
  • 16 GB memory

The above mentioned are the system requirements for a single APE 

I am more interested to understand,, while i stack 2 APE, should i need to consider increasing my system resources or not.


hi there, the hardware recommendations are not tied to the stacked licenses applied, rather they are more applicable to what are you actually going to poll. So, if you're polling 30,000 components, then you may want to consider going to the XL deployment. @adam.hert  and I are working to improve the documentation for more clarity, so thank you for bringing the confusion point up. Some updates have already been released in for instance to help in sizing hardware needs for larger SAM node license deployments. 

Hi @serena 

Can you please look into this and get it fixed

When i click on system requirements for SAM its landing on SCM system requirements page

SAM.JPG Good catch, we'll get that fixed. In the meantime, here is the direct link:  The link was updated. Thanks for the feedback!

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