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Remote DNS lookup Script

This Remote DNS lookup script is designed to accommodate when you need to query SPECIFIC IP's to quantify that they are working. There is a count of failed IP's, and this can be run locally to observe what IP's happen to be failing.

So, I had a new need.  This is similar to PowerShell DNS lookup script  in theory. While that one tells you when things are slow (for the DC's in specific), this one will query any IP's you give it. This is needed because I have load balanced VIP's handling DNS which aren't technically DNS servers to poll. So I can't relaly target DNS.

So this, courtesy of my basic attempts and magic from KMSigma​ - will quantify where your DNS is at for anything in the list you give it.

Put whatever you want into $DnsServers and you'll query what is provided. This has been validated against Server 2016 and Windows 10, and works in both at least. It fills the last piece of what I was building with this map for now. pastedImage_4.png .

Here's what it looks like when you run it:


The output will show you which servers succeed and which fail from a count perspective, so you can alert on if >X fail. Within the template due to how it was created, you can alert on number of failures.I think this is ideal for the X out of Y polls alert.


VVV so look on and download below!

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OK, I have imported the template, but I cannot find it under https://PRODMON01-VM/Orion/APM/Admin/Templates/thwack/Default.aspx

where can I find that in the Application template section?

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