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Orion Server 2020.2 templates

These three SAM templates were released in SAM 2020.2 and can be used to replace the deprecated Orion Server 2017.3 template.

  • The Orion Server 2020.2 - Additional Polling Engine template assesses the status of Windows services running on an Additional Polling Engine in Orion Platform 2020.2.
  • The Orion Server 2020.2 - Additional Websites template assesses the status of Windows services related to SolarWinds Orion servers running Orion Platform 2020.2.
  • The Orion Server 2020.2 - Main Polling Engine template assesses the status of Windows services on the Main Polling Engine (which is usually the Orion server) in Orion Platform 2020.2.

WMI access to the target server.

Windows Administrator on the target server.

To learn about component monitors in these templates, see:


SAM 2020.2 is GA! For those interested in these templates, please check out the full set of updates we have available for you

Thanks for the update!

Are these templates HA aware?  Meaning that if you assign the Orion Server 2020.2 - Main Polling Engine template to both nodes in an HA pair, the template throws lots of alerts for stopped services that don't run when the MPE node is in the Standby state.

@kbswcon  I'm working with our Dev team to get an answer for you -- stay tuned...

@kbswcon  I heard back from one of our application engineers, who said the current Orion 2020.2 templates are not HA aware. If I hear anything else, I'll update this post. Otherwise, you may want to Submit a feature request.

@kbswcon  Great news!  We posted two HA-aware Orion 2020.2 templates. Please note that they are not "official" SAM templates like the ones that ship in the main product, but I hope you'll find them useful. See

Awesome follow-up, @cmazko! Thanks!

Has anyone tested these templates on a 2019.4 installation?

Thank you for sharing, is this the SAM template to use to monitor the Solarwinds Orion Platform itself?

Yes, @itengineer, these are for monitoring Orion itself.

Sorry for the silly question.  I notice many components are disabled after I downloaded these.   Is the idea that these components are really used my most for Orion monitoring?  I think there maybe some that may be applicable so they can be enabled in my environment,  Just curious why disabled from start.  After moving to 2020.2 my old monitors don't seem valid much anymore so these new template is great!

@zkahl I checked with the person that created these templates and here's the response:

  • Many of those component monitors are performance counters that only some customers need, depending on environment and scale, so they're disabled, by default. 
  • They're included so an escalation engineer can enable them to troubleshoot any issues with polling, the SolarWinds Job Engine, or SolarWinds Collector services.
  • You can enable them but they may cause unnecessary noise until thresholds are set correctly for your particular environment.

Hope this helps!

@cmazko  Thank you for info.  Yes this helps and makes sense how you described it.  

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