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Orion Server 2017.3

This template assesses the status of Windows services related to the main Orion server. Click here to learn about prerequisites and individual component monitors in this template, as included in the SAM Template Reference.

Note: This template was updated in SAM 2019.4 to support localization updates planned for future SAM releases. To learn about importing this template, see Import and export SAM templates.

This template was also updated on February 7, 2019 to adjust the File Count - JET Files component monitor that returns the number of JET files in C:\Windows\Temp, which may block new database connections and halt polling. The File Extensions Filter was originally set to jet*.tmp and is now set to jet*.* so that exe, dll, and bat files are also counted. The updated template is automatically included in SAM 6.8 and later. Existing users can download this updated template to use it in SAM 6.7.1 and earlier.

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I'm looking to monitor our Orion platform and saw the 2017.3 Orion Server template.  We however are running 2018.4.  Is this still the most recent version and accurately reflects the correct monitoring for Orion 2018.4?

Many thanks


Yes, you can use it with later versions of the Orion Platform, just like you can use templates designed for earlier versions of Windows Server with later versions of Windows Server.

At least one change you may end up making if you have Log Manager is that the services are different so I just updated the template for that when I implemented it in our environment.

This would be a great time to upvote AppInsight for Orion

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