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OpsGenie Who is OnCall

Who is Oncall status. version 1.2 Author: Chris O'Rourke with Help from Josh Lovett, Adam Abell, and Thwack.

Here's a quick and clean method to display OpsGenie's Who is Oncall in your team. 

Quick 10 minutes to get up and running:

  1. Add a new external node pointing at
  2. Install the OpsGenie Template.
  3. Point it at the external node you just created
  4. Edit the Powershell script to add your opsgenie API key
  5. Edit the Powershell script to filter which oncall schedules you want displayed
  6. Run the test of the script to generate your list of schedules.
    1. (Optional) edit the field names for the schedules listed.
  7. Click submit.
  8. Head over to your favorite dashboard view (or wherever you'd like the data displayed).
  9. Edit settings
  10. Add custom HTML widget
    1. Copy the contents of the attached file into the widget
    2. Edit the skype section to link to the lync-icon where you can serve it from (we made a custom image folder in Orion to serve it)
    3. Click submit.
    4. If you don't use Lync just comment that portion out (or delete it entirely).

Currently it converts the email address (assuming first.last@domain) into a separate First and Last name and then makes the displayed name a mailto link. It also adds a direct Lync (Skype for Business) link for easier contact.

On deck for next release will be direct Slack DM function as well as Teams too.Snag_4996f86d.png

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@chrisorourke I love what you did with the Lync/Skype link. I am jealous of OpsGenie a bit. But making the teams link will not be tough, you just need their and UPN, which is often their email address. Just replace <UPN> and <user> with the correct variables. 

<a href="<UPN>&topicname=Chat">Teams Chat With <user></a>

But now you got me thinking about how I can find a javascript that pulls status. Good thing google exists. 


@jm_sysadmin Thanks 😄 We're not using Teams yet so I hadn't had a chance to test. If you can test it and let me know if it works I'll add it into the next update.

I'm also trying hard to figure out how to cleanly do the new modern dashboard. I've got the basic widget but can't add the lync/slack side to it until the custom html widget is released (unless I also do a call to the Lync system to get lync users added to the Orion DB first).

The teams link does work, I can confirm. 

Now for future people searching Thwack and finding this almost meets their needs... a small thread hijack.

If you don't have OpsGenie (which I don't) you can put a Custom HTML widget on the node and link using custom properties. 

<a href="${Primary_Analyst_email}&topicname=Chat">Teams Chat With Primary Analyst: ${Primary_Analyst}</a>
<a href="${Support_Group_Mgr_Email}&topicname=Chat">Teams Chat With Manager: ${Support_Group_Manager}</a>

In the example above I have 4 custom properties set on this node to make it work. 

I think it might be case sensitive, so copy and paste the names you use for the fields from the custom properties page. 



@jm_sysadmin I love that!

As for OpsGenie it's well worth the cost and handles text/calling/slack alerting/ticketing generation automatically based on thresholds set for priority and response.

I'll work the Teams side into the widget (had to repost it as a zip because new Thwack sees javascript and assumes attack currently). 

Loving the feedback!

OK, I am mildly distracted by my nodes widget, now with icons for the links, edited from my prod version which also has Service Now and Extrahop links.

    <td><img src="" alt="TeamsIcon" width="32" height="32"></td>
    <td><a href="${Support_Group_Mgr_Email}&topicname=Chat">Manager: ${Support_Group_Manager}</a></td>
    <td><img src="" alt="TeamsIcon" width="32" height="32"></td>
    <td><a href="${Primary_Analyst_email}&topicname=Chat">Primary Analyst: ${Primary_Analyst}</a></td>


@chrisorourke, this code sure looks familiar. Glad you found a use for it! 😉 Would you mind contributing to the existing post[s] on this topic? I think that may make it less confusing for others who are trying to use my script monitor. I appreciate your addition of the TLS 1.2 expression and enhancement to the custom HTML widget and would love to give you credit for those!

That said, your custom HTML widget is SLICK! 

@jm_sysadmin, I love your idea of putting primary contact or on-call links on the node details view page. That should totally work, and I'm going to try it ASAP.

We use slack also (at least for now) and I do post there, and IT staff are logged in, but right now I use the email address for a channel to post alerts instead of the API, but it you look up and store the userid it shouldn't be hard to post to slack either. When you know the ID, it works. Details at:

Example URL: 


Personally I won't be exporting/looking those values, but the concept is the same and would work if you are a slack shop. 

@sturdyerde You should be credited and linked in the powershell script. If not I'll add that in. As it stands I'll likely have to do some reworking to make it as pretty in the modern dashboard widget views. 



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