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NetApp - inodes - 7 mode

NetApp - inodes - 7 mode

Adding a few notes to this:

This template will poll NetApp storage arrays running Data OnTap in 7 mode (CDOT template coming soon) for used inodes percentage.

It does require the NetApp PowerShell module being installed on the polling server (I used version 3.2.1).

It uses two different components: one shows the volume with the highest percentage of inodes being used, the other shows all volumes over a certain customizable percent (default 50%).

By default, it goes in to warning at 80 percent or critical at 90 percent for the top volume.

It will also go in to warning if there are any volumes above the threshold for the second component.

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Any news as to whether the coming soon C-dot version has made it to fruition in the near 3 years since this post?

Hi jasonlea,

Unfortunately, I ended up not gaining access to a cdot system, so I haven't been able to build out a template for it. If I remember correctly, the difference between the commands for 7 mode and cdot were not significant (i.e. get-nadisk vs get-ncdisk, or something to that extent). So hopefully it won't be too significant of a difference to modify it to work. If you want to test it out, I may be able to help troubleshoot any changes necessary.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply!

After a quick pester of our netapp support it seems that yes the
commands are just na for 7mode and nc for c-dot.

Buoyed by your kind offer of potential help troubleshooting,
I’ve imported the template and assigned it to our c-dot node in solarwinds and
change the commands to below (basically just changing nacontroller to
nccontroller and navol to ncvol)..

connect-nccontroller '${IP}' -credential '${CREDENTIAL}'

$percentToCompare = 50

$vols = get-ncvol

$newVols = @()

$newVolNames = @()

foreach ($vol in $vols)


    $percent = $vol.FilesUsed * 100 /

    $percent = [math]::Truncate($percent)

    if ($percent -gt $percentToCompare)


        $custVol = New-Object
-TypeName PSObject

        $custVol | Add-Member
-MemberType NoteProperty -Name volName -Value $vol.Name

        $custVol | Add-Member
-MemberType NoteProperty -Name iNodePercent -Value $percent

        $newVols += $custVol

        $newVolNames +=



write-host 'Message: ' $newVolNames

write-host 'Statistic: ' $newVols.Count

This lights up green but with no reposnses and I know we have
one volume at 80%.

On the other component, this errors flat with “PowerShell script
error. Current script output is empty. Script must provide some output.”

Any ideas?

Installing the netapp powershell toolkit onto the solarwinds server made the modified nc commands work. Thanks for your help.

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