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Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server (Windows)

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server (Windows)

So I decided to experiment a little bit and created an application monitor for Minecraft Bedrock edition running on Windows.

Minecraft uses 2 different ports for Communication. UDP Ports 19132 and 19133. There is no actual monitor that can do this so I used powershell. Below is my basic script:

$a=(netstat -ano | findstr "19132")

$b=(netstat -ano | findstr "19133")

if ($a) {Write-Output "Statistic.Port1: 1"} ELSE {Write-Output "Statistic.Port1: 0"}

if ($b) {Write-Output "Statistic.Port2: 1"} ELSE {Write-Output "Statistic.Port2: 0"}

This is checking to make sure each port is up and if not then we get the alert.

The second Piece to this was just doing a Process discovery and choosing the running service.

If you have questions about this please comment below!

**PS I have uploaded the template I created under "Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server"

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Does Ed still cover this in his SAM intro class from SolarWinds Academy? I know he's doing it on linux other than Windows, but unless you're using Docker you should be able to just use the Component Monitor Wizard if you wanted to get to the services/processes directly. This is definitely a good way to show that it's accessible, but if you wanted to monitor resource usage you could get more.

That I am unsure of. I did this in a regular Windows 2019 Server VM. I did manage to use the component component monitor wizard for the actual bedrock_server.exe. Unfortunately to manage the ports I had to get more creative and thus the powershell script was born.

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