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Microsoft Office 365 Mail Traffic Statistics

Use this SAM template to monitor the following statistics for Office 365 Exchange traffic statistics:

  • Top Senders (Count)
  • Top Receivers (Count)

Click here for prerequisites, as included in the SAM Template Reference.

Note: This template was updated on March 26, 2020 to change the default polling frequency to 60 minutes, and optimize queries for the Top Senders (Count) component to support multiple connection sessions in larger environments. To import this updated version into installations of SAM 2019.4 or earlier, see Import and export SAM templates.


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Both Top Senders and Top Receivers scripts fail with the following:

PowerShell script error. Scripting Error: Script does not contain the expected parameters or is improperly formatted. 'Statistic' missing.

If I edit the script in the test gives me:

Message.Statistic: No users found.
Statistic.Statics: NaN
The scripts are ran with credentials of an O365 admin against which is configured as an ICMP node using dynamic IP
Any help would be appreicated as I'm a new SAM administrator and this is the first scripting issue we've run into like this.

Did you ever get an answer on this? Thanks for any info.

To learn more about SAM's Office 365 templates, check out WORKING WITH OFFICE 365 VIA POWERSHELL

That info's already outdated - but thanks.

We recently added articles about SAM's Office 365 templates to the SolarWinds Success Center. You can access them via this link: Using Microsoft Office 365 templates.

All feedback is welcome!

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