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Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Mailboxes

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Mailboxes

Prerequisites: Access to

Credentials: Global Administrator on the Office 365

Monitored Components:

  • number of inactive O365 Exchange mailboxes in your organization
  • Mailboxes with the most data
  • Mailboxes that are over the quota limit
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Mailboxes that were archived
  • Mailboxes with a Forwarding Address configured

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.58.12 AM.png

Created by SolarWinds in collaboration with Loop1.

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Loop1 has changed the game for o365 monitoring with these scripts. Our leadership had asked me to evaluate other products to complement SAM since we were very limited in what we could monitor in regards to o365. I don't have the skill set to make monitors that could call the MS health APIs but knew there were there. Loop1 released these in October 2017 that I know of and I have been working on getting them added to our prod env. since then. Finally have the access I need (GA is required so it may be a challenge at your org to get it) and am setting up the monitors now. They are great. A few little hitches here and there we have to work through but overall these are a massive improvement.

What all is required to setup monitoring for an Office 365 environment? How do I know what nodes to assign to?

Most people assign the monitoring to an "external node" or a "status only node" at and you can optionally set up a netpath to point to it for extra monitoring of the service. 

To learn more about SAM's Office 365 templates, check out WORKING WITH OFFICE 365 VIA POWERSHELL

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