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Microsoft Key Management Service (KMS) APM Template

Monitors Microsoft Key Management Service, which is used for activating licenses on Microsoft products such as Windows OS. This template monitors the server perspective of KMS.

Monitor details:

     Software Protection Service - Standard service warning/critical settings, down on not running

     TCP port - Warning on latency higher than 1000ms, down on can’t connect

     KMS current client count  - Warning on less than 25 clients, Critical on -1 (means not a KMS server)

     The other monitors are just gathering statistics but if you have a known threshold for your environment (at least 1 request per hour) you could set up alerting here as well.

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thanks I've been looking for something like this.

Great , just what we needed

This is great thanks..

A suggestion I added a check for the DNS entry for KMS.. Using the below powershell code..

$ExpectedNameTarget = $args.get(0);

$Domain = (Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem).Domain

$KMSDNSEntry = "_vlmcs._tcp." + $Domain

$NameTarget = resolve-dnsname $KMSDNSEntry -type srv | Select nametarget

$NT = $NameTarget.NameTarget

If ($ExpectedNameTarget -eq $NT)


write-host "Statistic: 0"

write-host "Message: $KMSDNSEntry - $NT"



$NT = $NameTarget.NameTarget

write-host "Statistic: 1"

write-host "Message: $KMSDNSEntry - Found $NT  - Expected $ExpectedNameTarget"


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