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Java Application Server monitoring via SNMP

This zip file contains a template for monitoring Java Application Servers (JVM Servers) monitoring via SNMP with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SaM).  This template was generated by Solarwinds staff with expertise in systems administration and monitoring Java Applications Servers. It includes components for things you should monitor versus things you could monitor.  The zip file includes a PDF that describes each monitored component and recommendations for specific counters where possible.

The PDF also provides basic SNMP configuration information for the following Java Application Servers:

• Standalone Java Virtual Machine
• Apache Tomcat (tested on version 7.0)
• JBoss (tested on versions 5.0.1, 5.1, and 6.0)
• GlassFish (tested on version 3.1)
• IBM WebSphere (tested on version 3.1)
• Oracle WebLogic (tested on version

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Is there an example of this implemented that can be added to the Live Demo of the APM site?

Hi all,

I'm trying to supervise my Tomcat  7 application  using JAVA APPLICATION SERVER MONITORING VIA SNMP Template

Java Application Server monitoring via SNMP

I'm following the guide and it seems that I have to 2 Java parmeters in catalina.bat:



Tomcat doesn't start when I add* to catalina, did someone try this doc before so he can tell me how can I configure that ?

Best Regards

I'm having the same exact problem. Has anyone figured this out? When I add the 2 lines to Tomcat 6, it won't start anymore.

You should follow the steps outlined here depending upon your Java Application server ->

That link worked! An alternative method was to add the line, but I was not sure what the downside of doing this. Is one more or less secure?

Not using an ACL file is typically not recommended, but depending upon the environment and other security policies in place (VLANs, firewalls, router access control lists, etc. coupled with the shared secret that is the community string) it can be secure enough for most environments. Security IMHO should be directly proportional to the sensitivity of the information that needs to be protected. I don't believe there's really much (if any) information you could get out of a Java Application server via SNMP that could be construed as "sensitive".

I followed the links you posted, which were very helpful, but now from SAM I get Authorization Error - User does not have rights to requested MIBs. I'm trying this on our typical SAM account as well as the admin account.

That error message is being returned by the Java application server to SAM based on the community string provided. It appears you may not have configured SNMP permissions for that community string. You may want to consider using JMX instead.

There is also a separate Tomcat template available below.

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