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File Size/s in Folder Monitor

Sam Template with single monitor sample to look at the file contents of a folder and identify if any files are over a certain size.

This is useful for monitoring folders that should not have files over a certain size.

Use cases are log files running away with themselves or processing folders with files over a size suited for processing out.

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Couple of questions:

Is there a way for it to actually display the size of the .log file?

Then, on the SAM summary page, do you have a display box that has only this information for however many servers you are monitoring this on?  I'm trying to key in on one particular log file, and have it display like the top 15 in file size.  however I'm having a difficult time getting this piece setup.


This script is performing a count on the number of files over the specific file of the variable. There is an out of the box SAM monitor that will look for an individual file size.

There are nice ways with PowerShell for monitoring file sizes, so a script could be created to work in a different way if the out of the box does not work for you.

As far as the summary page goes, look at the Custom Table and Custom Query resources to allow you to display the size data.

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