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Cisco ASA VPN Tunnels

  • Active IPSec Sessions
  • Active LAN to LAN sessions
  • Active SVC Sessions
  • Active WebVPN Sessions
  • Total Active VPN Sessions
  • Users With Active VPN Sessions
  • User Groups With Active VPN Sessions
  • Email Proxy Sessions
  • Load Balancing Sessions
  • Session Failures
  • Resource Failures
  • Authentication Failures
  • VPN Bytes Received
  • VPN Bytes Transmitted
  • VPN Packets Received
  • VPN Packets Transmitted
  • VPN Receive Packet Drops
  • VPN Transmit Packet Drops
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Thanks for provide this template. This is a very useful for CISCO ASA filrewall.

This is something I have been wanting to track ever since we implemented SolarWinds, THANK YOU for creating this. It will be a huge win for me to convince management to budget for a SAM purchase. Right now I have it assigned to one of our remote ASA's (5512-X) but all values are zero except "Active LAN to LAN connections", which is 1. If I assign it to the core ASA (ASASM in a Catalyst 6807XL) I can see statistics for everything except "VPN Traffic", all those values are zero. Would this template possibly work for some models/code versions but not others?

I can't speak for your ASA but I have verified this internally against a few ASAs we have in our lab. If you would like to send me a MIB walk from your ASA I'd be willing to take a look. You should also compare values collected by the template vs those shown in the ASA Device Manager and let me know what you believe the values should be at the time the MIB walk was taken.

If this Template no longer works after upgrading to SAM 6.2.4 RC1/GA and throws a "Transform expression parsing error", a workaround would be to Edit the Application Monitor Template, expand each component and click on Override Template at the Convert Value: section. There is no need to check the convert value box. Just clicking on Override Template seems to fix the issue.

Sweet template.

I wish I had this last year when we migrated from IPSec clients to AnyConnect.

Very nice....

I had something simpler and much more crude...  this is way better.

The only other thing I had was a list of AnyConnect client versions and users so I could find out who needed to upgrade....

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