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Ability to view thresholds for non-admin users


I have had a few managers in different depeartments request the ability to be able to view both APM component thresholds and NPM system thresholds.  

They see the thresholds when an alert is triggered - but would like to be able to see any time what a particular threshold is set for.

They are not Admin users, we only have two of us for security reasons with Admin.

Is this something that can be added as an option in the user setup/properties page?




Thanks for your feedback. This is definitely something we've heard from other customers as well. We're currently tracking this feature internally under FB87974. 

Other users who are looking for similar functionality are still encouraged to post their feedback here. "Me Too" posts are also welcome. 

ME 2

Please sign-up to participate in the SAM 5.2 beta here. We've made some improvements to make this information more useful and accessible.

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