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APC/Snyder Electric UPS (via SNMP)

Template to monitor APC UPS's.  Includes some extensions for times.  Based originally on and extended with additional thresholds.

Corrected the issue that was pointed out.  Decided to keep both templates.  Please find them attached here.

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This is really nice, it appears your temp is thresholding and reporting in Celsius but labeled as Fahrenheit.

You are correct.  My bad.  You just need to add the following conversions to any Temperature thresholds.


I fixed it and renamed the original one so that you have the choice now.  Since Fahrenheit is only really used in the US - let's keep it international.

I cannot import the template.  It tells me "Incorrect file name or System OID format. "

The product now supports APC UPS' out of the box, so you don't technically need this template.
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