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server migration and monitoring (probe) activation

Hi hopefully the correct group,

I'm migrating several windows 2012 R2 Standard servers from VMware (5.5) to Hyper-V (2019 server).

In a testmigration i was able to move the server, but the monitor was not available in the console.

My questions are as follows:

Is there a way on server side to force the agent to reconnect?

Is there a best practice for server migrations (in combination with server monitoring)?

One of the servers is a probe, how can i migrate the probe?

Thank You,

Auke Maat

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Hello there!

Are you using the Orion platform, or N-Central? I know that N-Central refers to it's remote monitoring points as probes, whereas in Orion the additional monitoring engines are referred to as Additional Polling Engines. 

If you could clarify which monitoring technology you need help with first, we can go from there. 

- Jez Marsh
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