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"Volume ReDiscovery" script

This is a stop gap for me until this feature is implemented,

I was previously running discovery with autoimport and auto removing volumes, but this was a bit messy.  Plus I lost all history for the volume.

This is rev 1 of this script.  Their is some cleanup ,additional error handling, and a few other small things i plan on adding at some point.   Any feedback on things I'm doing wrong or could do better is appreciated.

How I use this script:

1.  Alert 1:  Volume offline for 10 minutes or more, run script.

2. Alert 2: Volume offline for 1 hour or more, create Sev 3 ticket in ServiceNow for investigation/cleanup.


1.  Right now this will only work for windows servers.  Linux supp port could be easily added

2.  Credentials.  I was unable to get the execute program as user to work in alert manager.  I believe their is a thread on this somewhere stating this is a bug.   So you will probably need to pass credentials on the command line.  Otherwise it will attemp to use the credentials of the user running the script.

     a.  Account needs to be able to update nodes

     b.  Account needs permissions to query remote wmi if the node uses WMI polling.

3.  SNMP

     a. I am using SharpSNMP.  C# Based Open Source SNMP Library for .NET and Mono - Download: BigDipper Refresh (7.5)

     b. Server running scripts needs to be in the permitted managers list on target server in order to pull data via snmp




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