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Level 7

"Copy" button greyed out for template in 'Application Monitor Templates'

When in "Manage Application Monitor Templates" at: SAM Settings > Manage Application Monitor Templates > Application Monitor Templates.

For some templates but not others the "copy" button is greyed out. Why is this?

The template that it is greyed out for is the one I want to copy. Is there a work around?

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You cannot copy or add more component monitors to an AppInsight template.

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Level 12

Do you have a picture of what you try to do? What template are you trying with?

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Are they the AppInsight templates? If so, those are not standard templates and cannot be copied. Most of their components cannot be disabled.

You might be able to copy them in the database and edit the copies but I would not recommend it (and potentially go so far as to say SolarWinds wouldn't support it if there are problems). Every time I have seen someone edit these templates there are issues - multiple components show as Unknown status, the application always stays in an Unknown status, etc.

Yes. This is a single AppInsight templates I was trying to copy. 

Because you don’t recommend copying it are there other alternatives?

I was hoping to copy it and then add counters to it such as; System/Processor Queue Length, SQL Server/General/Processes blocked, Processor/% Processor Time, Paging File/% Usage and Network Interface/Bytes Total/sec.

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