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pages/sec status:unknown critical state

I am trying to find out why my component pages/sec is showing a "status:unknown" is there a way for me to specify a status or is that system generated? if it is system generated why is it so generic and should it register something else in that field? i would like it to be more descriptive.. also the server is producing the critical alert for the pages/sec. i know how to adjust that but was wondering if there is a standard min/max for the variables?

From: Network Performance Monitor
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 12:09 PM
To: KMC-CIS-ServerSupport
Subject: Application Windows Server 2003-2008 Services and Counters on Node KMCMFS04NYC is Service: Distributed Transaction Coordinator(Up), Service: Network Connections(Up), Service: Remote Registry(Up), Total Available Memory (MB)(Up), Page File Usage(Up), D...

A component of a monitored Application on KMCMFS04NYC is not responding to status check.

Application: Windows Server 2003-2008 Services and Counters
Status: Unknown

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Product Manager
Product Manager

It's very unusual that you would find the Pages/sec performance monitor not working but here are some things you can try. Open Perfmon.exe on the Orion APM server and connect to the monitored host. See if you can find the "Pages/sec" counter from the "Memory" category as pictured below.

If the counter doesn't exist it's likely that the Performance Counters need to rebuilt on the monitored host by running "lodctr /R" from the command line of the monitored host.

If the counter does exist, does it return any valid statistic with Perfmon like the image below?

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Is there somewhere you need to enable this on the Server? I have this exact issue. I have tried rebuilding Performance Counters, but that does not seem to fix the issue.

I have tried all of the solutions in the following articles, but now I am out of ideas:
Restore Missing SQL Server Performance Counters | SQL Server content from SQL Server Pro

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