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ephemeral port exhaustion

Is there a way to have the solarwinds agent monitor a monitored agent for ephemeral port exhaustion?  Basically I am wanting to know if there are excessive TCP ports in TIMED_WAIT state.

The below powershell script does what I want but I need this to run on each node.  I could do a scheduled task and be done with it but I would rather have it run as a monitor in solarwinds so I dont have to keep up with the task.

$c = netstat -aonp TCP | select-string "TIME_WAIT"; $c.count

if ($c.count -ge 100)




If I could build a monitor to this script that would be great !

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you need this template:

Ephemeral Port Monitor

And then create an alert that is triggered when that application is critical (define the thresholds first at the templte level) and define as trigger action 'execute an external program' with the script of restarting the computer. Something like this:

Execute External Program Via Alert Trigger Action

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Do we have any of these that don't rely on WinRM or WMI?  I'm monitoring hundred of nodes that are NAT'ed and these protocols don't support NAT's.



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TCP Connections (SNMP)

This might help if you are still having issues

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