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different results, WMI vs. SNMP

hi folks,


after monitoring my IIS on the Solarwinds server using both SNMP and WMI monitor the results are different. the WMI is more spikey showing peaks in response time where SNMP doesn't sho any spikes apart from one or two, but they don't tie up. Which is the more acurate, SNMP or WMI?




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Level 13

What is the monitor you are actually using?  SNMP and WMI are used for Process Monitors.  Process Monitors don't have a response time so I assume you are using a different type of monitor.

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Hi Josh, your right, it's actually the "CPU load" on "SQL Server Process".

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In general WMI is more accurate, especially for CPU load.  The Windows SNMP agent doesn't update the CPU load values that often (every few minutes if I remeber correctly).  WMI is able to calculate the process's CPU load at the time the monitor runs.

That may account for the differeneces you were seeing.

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Thanks Josh, I'll use WMI now instead of SNMP for SQL Server.

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