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You see a cached version of resources from...

Many times when I go to view a node I see this message "You see a cached version of resources from [date/time]."  Does this mean that the node's resources are not being polled?  How do I know that I'm getting accurate alerting on my server nodes (such as disk volume percentages)  if the system is using cached resources?  Is there a way to know if every node is being polled regularly?  I tried turning on the alerts for "node not polled in last 10 minutes" and "last 5 polls failed" but I'm getting nothing.

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Level 12

Is this when you click "List Resources"?  If so, no, it doesn't mean it's not polling, it just means that to save calls to the server it'll look at resources (cpu, memory, number of disks, network interfaces, applications, routing protocols, etc) that it has already collected.  Each page for a resource usually has a small info section that'll tell you the last time it was polled.  That's what the alerts you enabled look for.  The fact you're not getting any alerts suggests everything is working just fine.

Any idea if it's possible to tell SolarWinds to update the cached info for all nodes rather than visiting them 1 by 1 and clicking refresh? I see several nodes that are 2+ years old and I'd like to just update everything to be on the safe side.

Did you ever get an answer to your question?  This would save me a lot of time and clear a lot of alerts I'm getting from very stale resource information !


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Yeah, this is the purpose as explicitly laid out by jangliss . They cache info for example, in case you need to change something in what you *want* to poll but there isn't a change from the specific machine. As in, if you weren't polling memory and now you want to. If it's "a new module was added", then you don't want to use the cached version so that the changed module/interface/etc can be selected.