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Worker Process Statistic Monitor - Down on App Pool Recycle

Good morning,

Every time our App Pools recycle, AppInsights for IIS marks them as down. I can't seem to find a place to change/extend the polling timer to skip the first instance of this being hit. Does anyone have any ideas how we can quiet this false alarm?


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Level 8

A year has gone, and still no solution for this???

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We are experiencing the same issues in our environment. Due to our development lifecycle for our internal websites and applications, we recycle many of our application pools very very frequently. In the end we get spammed all day by "Worker Process Statistic Monitor" is "Not Running" on "Server-X". My attempts to find any form of documentation online about how to resolve this issue to prevent the triggering condition have yielded no results, which makes me wonder why we are being forced to monitor something that cannot be addressed.

I have opened a support case as well as submitted a feature request to grant us the ability to disable this component as it adds no value to our monitoring currently, seems to be invalid or faulty entirely, and is impacting our service delivery metrics since we run those through SolarWinds.

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Did  anyone ever get a fix or workaround for this issue? dhfussell was the case you opened resolved?

We have the same issue, being able to disable the "Worker Process Statistic Monitor" monitor would be great...

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I don't believe that is a setting you can configure. 

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