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Wmi Performance Counter

i have a windows server 2003 that installed messaging queue service..
in apm for create a wmi performance server and i can see a lot of objects and counters but i can't see msmq queue..

i have same problem server 2003 that installed sqlserver2005..ican see a lot of counters but i cant see ms sql counters like transactionbuffer etc...

what can i do ?

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You can try to run the commands described in this post on the SQL Server and the Exchange Server.



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i know that

but it couldnt resolve may problem...

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Do you see the missing Class browsing the WMI Namespace with either wbemtest or wmiexplorer?

If you cannot see them using one of this tool, it means that APM will not be able to access them either.


The APM WMI Troubleshooting Guide guides you to use that utility.



wmi explorer






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i can see WMI Namespace by using wbemtest..

but i cant see in apm wmi performance counter..

i can see other counters but i need to add msmq queue counter..

what can i do now ?

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Any resoultion on this?  I also have a server that seems to be missing performance counter objects.

This is for monitoring an HP EVA 8000 SAN, there is a server (Win 2k3) that has had specific performance counter added during install of the HP EVA management applications.  I can select and capture data from them using perfmon but can't see them from APM 2.5.

Any help would be great.



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Do you see the performance counters of your remote server within WMI explorer?

That will help us to know if the issue is due to APM or to the server itself.

I have seen couple of issues where the performance counters were not populated as a WMI Class which explained why APM could not find them in the namespace but that you can still see them in perfmon.

Most of time, running the commands linked in my first post in this thread solved the issue.

This might as well be a new issue in APM, but before to investigate we must know which side is failing.

Thank you in advance for testing,


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No, I don't see the performance counters in WMI Explorer.  OK now I'm confused, mind you I'm no WMI guru so how can the counters be there in perfmon and not in wmi explorer?


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Ok i will break down the command i listed.

select SendQueueSize from Win32_PerfRawData_MSExchangeIS_MSExchangeISMailbox where name = "_total"

SendQueueSize - This is what data i want to pull from the performance indicator on the server

Win32_PerfRawData_MSExchangeIS_MSExchangeISMailbox - this is the perfomance indicator containing the data

_total - this is the label for the row that outputs the data for the total of what ever the data is that i am pulling

Select - This is the action to perform. In this case it is selecting SendQueueSize from the class Win32_PerfRawData_MSExchangeIS_MSExchangeISMailbox

Where Name - Is a filter that will only display results for the total on all mailboxes in that class.

I am no WMI guru either i just browsed around the classes that looked like they where the right ones. Just make sure you connect to the server with the WMI data you want to monitor as by default wmi explorer will connect to the localhost of the machine it is run from.

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i was having a similar issue with the default exchange 2003 monitor. I used wmi explorer and discovered the WMI perf monitor items it was trying to query didn't exist in WMI on my exchange server. I found the following to query my Sending Queue. Mind you it's always empty but it does run for me.

Open up the properties for your WMI perfomance monitor and try changing the content of what listed there anc replace it with.


select SendQueueSize from Win32_PerfRawData_MSExchangeIS_MSExchangeISMailbox where name = "_total"


and see if that works for you.

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